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Don’t Pick What’s Behind Door #3

I love my house.  It is roomy enough to be comfortable for the 3 humans and one large dog that inhabit it, with enough space for occasional guests…yet it is small enough to keep clean.  We have a great yard … Continue reading

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Worthy Adversaries

One of the many summertime outdoor chores we Real Women tackle is weeding.  We put on our oldest, lightest-weight clothes, attach our ever-so-ugly gardening hats to our heads, strap on our dirt-encrusted gloves and we launch our assault on yard … Continue reading

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Friend, Not Foe

As a general rule, I am a fairly healthy eater.  I eat a lot of fresh fruit, salads, and try to make well-rounded nutritious dinners for my family.   I regularly buy the low-fat or no-fat versions of ingredients on the … Continue reading

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Wanted: Super Powers

My husband has to occasionally go out of town for business.  Not often, but every few months or so.  And no matter how many times it happens, I still for some reason lull myself into the false belief that while … Continue reading

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Articles of Reality

  This month, after a quick review of the magazine stand at the local bookstore, I saw a plethora of redundant articles and stories being offered: The Hidden Message of Style Secrets of Women with Gorgeous Hair Your Flat Belly … Continue reading

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Going Home Again

I did it.  We had the weekend available, I hadn’t done it before, my husband was kindly willing to accompany me, and I could tie in a visit to see my brother, so I thought why not. I attended my … Continue reading

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