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Speed Meal Support Groups

My confession:  I’m a culinary cheater. Not all the time.  Just sometimes.  Well, ok, pretty often. Let me explain. I take some pride in preparing dinner at home virtually every night.  Sounds fairly noble and impressive, right?  Well….a whole ‘lotta … Continue reading

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Under Construction

Like many real families, we are do-it-yourselfers.  Correction, my husband is a DIY-er.  I’m his sometimes assistant. We are lucky that he has the skills and the desire to take on the majority of our home, vehicle and yard maintenance … Continue reading

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They Almost Got it Right

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while are familiar with my disappointment over the lack of reality exhibited within the pages of women’s glossy magazines.  Browse any shelf of monthly publications and you’ll see images … Continue reading

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Tilt Mode

I realize there is a strong irony in my timing of this post.  A mere 5 days since my vacation and my last post regarding deleting mind pollution, and the fact it is Valentine’s Day and I should be talking … Continue reading

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Deleting Mind Pollution

We Real Women carry an enormous amount of stuff with us every day.  I’m not talking about the stuff in our purses (although those can get mighty heavy!).  I’m referring to what we have swirling around in our brains all … Continue reading

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Style or Comfort

While we’ve been traveling, we have spent a substantial amount of time in airports and in rather affluent areas of the West Coast.  Both locations have offered my husband and I prime opportunities to take part in one of our … Continue reading

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When We Have Wings

My family and I are starting a much anticipated, much needed vacation.  As I type, my son and I are on a plane headed west.  Usually our spring vacations are to Florida, but this year thanks to us tying on … Continue reading

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