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Bonus Points

Ahhhh… The weekend.  A blissful respite from the work week, a time to relax, sleep in, and recharge.  Unless, of course you are a Real Women. In which case the weekend can be translated into “Two Days to Get Everything … Continue reading

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Peace and Comfort in the Familiar

I grew up in the country. Not big-sky-Montana-3-hours-from-the-nearest-town kind of country, but in farmland country, where there are no lines on the roads and a “next door neighbor” means you can see their house through the trees and can bike … Continue reading

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Miles of Moments

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”  – Rose Kennedy My son finished his first year in Middle School today. Tomorrow he turns 13. The next day, my husband and I will commemorate our 15th wedding anniversary.  In … Continue reading

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A Curse or a Blessing?

There is no escaping technology.  We are living in a world where screens of all sorts are in front of us nearly constantly.   Many of us spend of our work days in front of a computer.  We carry Smart Phones … Continue reading

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Queens for a Day…or at Least Three Hours.

I had the good fortune to spend this past Saturday with my Personal Board of Directors… otherwise known as my BFF’s.  One of the agenda items during our meeting was a visit to a lovely Spa that is about an … Continue reading

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Our Own Toughest Critics

Due to a new initiative developed for our customers, we had new “head shot” photos taken in our office this week.  It is important to keep in mind that out of 16 people in my department, 11 are women.  Therefore, … Continue reading

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