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A Familial Shift

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at the people who belong to us we see the past, the present, and the future.      — Gail Lumet Buckley Aunts and Uncles.  They are like our parents, but not quite. We … Continue reading

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The Power of the Ball

$400 million dollars.  That is the estimated pay out for PowerBall this week. Or $227 million cash value… which I think means that is how much the winner could get if taking it all at once in cash… but I … Continue reading

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Just One of Those Days

I’m a lucky Real Woman. I know this because I have a loving family, amazing friends, a good job, a nice home, and good health.  (Cue Cinderella’s blue birds). Not everyone can boast all of that.   Yet even the luckiest … Continue reading

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The Opportunity to be Schlubby

Thanks to a doozy of a winter storm, I had the opportunity to work from home today.  I also had the “opportunity” to spend quite a bit of time helping my husband shovel snow. Since I knew I’d be home … Continue reading

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