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The Dr. Will Be With You Shortly…

This afternoon as I drove to a Doctor’s appointment, I pondered on how no matter what type of doctor, or what type of appointment we have, the process is always pretty much the same. It could be for a routine … Continue reading

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Ready for Bed?

Last night while my hubby and I were watching House of Cards (we are only on episode 5 in the new season, so no spoiler comments please!), there was a very brief scene showing Frank and Claire, in their oh-so-dysfunctional-way, … Continue reading

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Celebration or Ambivelance?

I’m a bit ambivalent about St. Patrick’s Day. I have nothing against it. But I don’t whole-heartedly and excitedly embrace it, either. I figure this is mostly because, as far as I know, I have not one drop of Irish … Continue reading

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Ritual Familiarity

Today I started and ended my day with two very real, normal, female rituals. Both, in their own way, beneficial. While seemingly disparate by comparison, looking back I’m struck by some interesting and unexpected similarities. As I got dressed this … Continue reading

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Carrots, again?

Those of us humans who share our homes with dogs, cats, or any other domesticated animal tend to be a unique breed. (Get it? Breed?)  We don’t just “own” pets. We consider them furry family members. We talk to them, … Continue reading

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