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Filling More Than Shelves

This evening my son and I took part in one of our seasonal activities, helping out at a local Food Pantry.  For a couple of hours we jumped into the hustle and bustle to stock and re-stock shelves while those … Continue reading

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They Keep Us Young

I grew up in a Kool-aid-mom kind of household.  Our house was the hang out, and mom was involved enough in our lives to be up to date and informed without being over-bearing. There were always extra kids around. Friends … Continue reading

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Stress —  /stres/ noun  — a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.  Raise your hand if you haven’t felt this in the past 48 hours.  If you have your hand raised, … Continue reading

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Can’t Ignore the Benefits

The New York Daily News recently ran a story about Joy Johnson, the oldest woman to run the New York City Marathon.  At the age of 86, this was her 25th time running that particular Marathon.  She finished even after … Continue reading

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Great Achievements

Our greatness is often measured by our accomplishments. It starts when we are young as we are recognized for achievements like bringing home good grades, being a star athlete on the school team and winning a trophy, doing good deeds … Continue reading

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