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Words from Beyond

I will be entering a new age decade in approximately 18 months.  Clearly I am not happy about that fact, since I have already begun the dreaded count down.  My anxiety is increased when I see blatant signs of my … Continue reading

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Screen Season

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, school is in session…. And the glow of the tv screen beckons. During the summer months, I watch virtually no television programming. Other than a snippet of the morning News, I don’t … Continue reading

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Perfect Days

When was the last time you had a perfect day? Maybe I should clarify what I mean by “perfect.” I’m not talking about magically waking up looking like Jennifer Aniston or Sophia Vergara, being ideally healthy and fit, having no … Continue reading

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Bigger Than Us

It is ever so easy for Real Women to get deeply pulled in to our day-to-day challenges and activities. We seem to be perennially beating deadlines at work, making customers happy, managing our busy family’s schedules, and getting chores done.  … Continue reading

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Cutting Corners

We Real Women are busy creatures. Each day we seem to attempt to fit more and more into the same number of hours. We are the Queens of to-do lists, beating deadlines and multi-tasking.  If there is a way to … Continue reading

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The best way to see a Real Woman’s strength is to put her in a situation where she is not comfortable.  Actually, “seeing” the strength is not the right term here, because I’m not talking about physical muscles.  I’m talking … Continue reading

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