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The Lost Art of Meandering

It never fails. I’m tight on time, need to get somewhere quickly, and I get caught behind a slow driver.   It could be a trash collection truck, a piece of farm equipment, a student driver or an elderly senior.   Whatever … Continue reading

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Real Life Classroom

At times we Real Women will hear our children ask in frustration while doing homework:  “Why will I ever need to know this stuff?” I may be slightly hard-pressed to explain to my son how in day-to-day life he will need … Continue reading

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Why Do We Care?

I have a new celebrity crush.  Actually, a sports celebrity crush.  He’s Novak Djokovic, Tennis Phenom who just unfortunately lost the French Open this week.  I know basically nothing about him, other than he’s Serbian, late 20’s, an incredible tennis … Continue reading

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Moments of Therapy

It is no secret that we R.W.’s have a lot on our plates. Between family, work, home, and a myriad of other activities and responsibilities, we juggle a whole ‘lotta balls in the air, and take care of a whole … Continue reading

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