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Sure You Can Frolic… But It Will Cost Ya.

Like many other Real Women getting through our usual weekday morning routines, I turn on the TV to catch the local news, followed by a few minutes of National News.  (I’ll save the debate between the Today Show and Good … Continue reading

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The Simple Joys of Reality

One of my out of town BFFs visited this weekend.  I used to feel that I had to plan ahead and arrange some special activities when my friends visited.   After all, plenty of exciting images come to mind when girlfriends … Continue reading

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Beauty Through Other Eyes

When it comes to confidence and self-esteem, it is unfortunately true that we can be our own worst enemies.  Real Women are especially hard on ourselves – we are either pushing ourselves to do better, do more, be smarter, or … Continue reading

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Too Much or Just Enough?

One of my BFF’s, a favorite auntie to the next generation in her family, was describing a recent text conversation she had with her teen niece.  Her niece was venting about how her mom wouldn’t buy her a pair of … Continue reading

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Soft Spots in our Armor

I have witnessed, and experienced, a few common traits among Real Women who have reached a certain level of maturity.  (Notice I didn’t say advanced age.)  There is a strength, resilience and calmness under pressure that develops over time.  If … Continue reading

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Data Retrieval

This afternoon I left work a bit early to go to a dental appointment. Five minutes after leaving my office, as I was pulling on to the highway, and for one split second I thought “wait, where am I going?” … Continue reading

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