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Brain Power Down

One of my favorite old movies is “What Women Want”. Not just because I’m a sucker for all romantic-comedy-chick-flicks, and not just because in those days (14 years ago), Mel Gibson was looking quite fine. I love it because of … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Conveniences

We are fortunate to live in a progressive world filled with talented, intelligent individuals focused on developing new systems and products to make our lives easier.  New technologies pop up with mind-boggling speed to help make us all quicker, stronger, … Continue reading

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On Your Mark, Get Set….

We all have some form of wake-up alarm to get us up and moving in the mornings. You may use a ring tone on your SmartPhone, or the TV, a coffee maker, or even an “old fashioned” clock radio.  You … Continue reading

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For The Health of It

We try.  Really, we do.  Maybe not consistently.  Perhaps sporadically.  But we R.W.’s make a valiant effort to eat healthy foods and stick to some sort of beneficial level of dietary intake.  We try to make good choices so we … Continue reading

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