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Thorns, Warts and All

I know there are at least a few men who are following my blog, and I truly appreciate your interest and your support.   I realize there are going to be topics I cover that hold little interest to you, or … Continue reading

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Are We Settling for Two Stars?

It seems that never before have there been so many options available to us to go out to eat.  Food prepared and served to us is available virtually at any hour of the day or night.  We can eat in, … Continue reading

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When the Clouds Blow In

It has been an odd week.  Not so much for me personally, I had a pretty good week.  No major stress issues or problems, I feel good, the weather has been beautiful, I even had a couple high points to … Continue reading

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Variety, the Spice of Life

We Americans are funny about food.  We love it.  We plan social events around it. We tend to plan our daily schedule around it.  And we love having choices. The more options, varieties and flavors the better.  Lucky for us, … Continue reading

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A sweater or shorts?

Here in New England, we have entered Transition Season.  It isn’t summer, and it isn’t fall.  I think we should call it Sall.  Or Fummer.   We wake up to crisp cool 40-degree mornings. By afternoon it can be in the … Continue reading

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We go together like…..

Have you ever heard the theory that pets and their owners look alike? Lately I have started testing this theory by paying a bit more attention to the other dog owners I come across, especially during recent walks. First, there … Continue reading

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And yet we survived

While planning the new season of church school, a group of us volunteer moms thought it would be nice to have bean bag chairs and pillows in the common area where we will gather the kids to start the lessons … Continue reading

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It’s OK to Have a Bad Day

I am generally a happy, positive-attitude kind of person.  I am thankful every day for the blessed life I have. I am healthy, have an awesome family, incredible friends, a good job, and a beautiful home.  Is my life perfect?  … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts

Most of us, as young children, had a beloved item that brought us great comfort.  It could have been a traditional teddy bear, a doll, a blanket, or even an old tshirt.  Whatever it was, it was a source of … Continue reading

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