In Excess

Some people socially smoke.  This has never been the case for me, as I’ve always been an avid anti-smoker.

Some people socially drink.  Sure, I enjoy a few drinks with friends, but gone are my college days of drinking to the point of incoherence.

However….social eating?  Yup, I’m all over that.  As a general rule, my day-to-day dietary intake is pretty healthy and under control.  But put me in a social environment with friends or family, and it is like I become hypnotized.  Everything tastes better, is more fun to eat, and my willpower flies out the window.  Sure, I know all the suggested tips and tricks… have a healthy snack first so you feel full before the other food comes out; drink water first; exercise portion control; stop eating after 7pm; brush your teeth…. Those are all nifty ideas. Too bad I completely ignore them in these situations. Especially if I have not had to prepare the food – it magically tastes even more delicious when prepared by someone else, and I can’t stop.

Today while away from home visiting family, I started out well with a light healthy breakfast and a decent lunch.  But by late afternoon, all h-ll broke loose.  Appetizers started around 5pm….followed by dinner….then dessert.  And now, as I type, I am literally in pain and wishing I had packed tums and feel the need to go bike 20 miles.  But instead I’m snuggled into a hotel bed while the calories ravage my body.   And, true to any good food splurge, I am promising myself that I won’t eat anything for a long time…..well, until we all meet up again tomorrow for brunch.

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1 Response to In Excess

  1. Diane says:

    Let’s hear it for pizza, pasta, chocolate, and large quantities of wine among friends!!! In my book social calories simply don’t count. Or that’s what I like to pretend, anyway. There’s always tomorrow to be good again!

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