I was thinking today about how I have three calendars.  One on the wall in the kitchen, one that floats between my home office and bedroom, and my electronic calendar.  And considering I can access my electronic calendar from my laptop, iPhone or iPad, that sort of adds up to 5 calendars.

Luckily, they are all mostly in sync with each other.  The electronic calendar is really the master.  It has EVERYTHING on it, from work meetings and appointments, to school events, to social occasions, to family schedules, to weekend plans and vacations. Without it, I’d be lost.  My office/ bedroom calendar includes little-known dates on it that really only pertain to me – like hair cut appointments, and tracking my cycle.  The kitchen calendar is the family go-to reference point, and includes dates like when we need to give the dog his heartworm medicine.

I truly see this as a sign of the times for Real Women.  We wear so many different hats, and have so many things and people to coordinate at once, that one simple calendar is not enough.  When I was recently emailing with my sister (because we can’t seem to find a time when we can schedule in a phone conversation), she was relaying to me her Real Woman schedule from the previous few days.  Among other things, she had worked one or two of her “regular” jobs, managed family activities, participated in a tag sale for charity, provided flowers for her church, and worked at a black-tie fund raiser – all within 4 days.  Like so many Real Women, she has been acting like a Multi-Tasking SuperHero.

Real Women are designed to manage incredible levels of activity, simultaneously, often with little amounts of rest.  (In an odd twist of cruel reality, we survive the days of having babies and operating with no sleep only to eventually enter menopause and once again experience a lack of slumber — and we simply keep going, filling those hours with more activities, work, or chores.)

Yes, we are  Multi-Tasking SuperHero’s.  Is our magic Kryptonite?  No.  It is an innate sense of organization, secret reserves of energy…..and at least 3 calendars.

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1 Response to Kryptonite

  1. Molly J says:

    Love you!! You made me sound like a super hero!! I’m just me witha particularily dirty house!! HA!

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