The Style of Reality

I was browsing through a magazine this weekend, and one of the short features was a series of photos of Jennifer Aniston in various fabulous outfits. The editors had asked readers to vote for their favorite style on Jen.   Really??  First of all, I believe it may be nearly impossible for Jen to ever look bad.  Secondly, do we really care which is best, Edgy Jen, Girlie Jen, Casual Jen or Flirty Jen?  (Casual was the winner, apparently – I’m sure you will all sleep better knowing this.)  It then of course detailed her “key pieces” she was wearing for the casual look.  Oh, good, now I can run out and buy the same $160 leather bag to be like Jen.

As with so many current magazines, I am left shaking my head at how so little of what they publish is anything we Real Women can truly relate to.  Wouldn’t it have been much more fun to see Jen, or any other woman, in real-life circumstances and styles?  I would have enjoyed voting for the Jen I could most relate to and feel connected to…. Let me see a celebrity looking worn out after a grueling 10-hour work day.  Let me see the woman in a thrown-together outfit running out the door to work, in whatever was clean and ironed that morning, just hoping to be free of dog-hair and baby spittle.  Or the reality of a woman who has survived a sweaty and gross exercise session….or filthy dirty and disheveled after spending a hot afternoon in the garden….or wrapped up in old sweats, un-showered, no-makeup, in the mid-winter after a 3-day power outage?  Yes, THOSE are the moments, the women, and the styles we can identify with.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it “vote for us when we look the worst.”  More like “vote for reality and the strength and resiliency of Real Women.”

Not many of us spend our days looking amazing walking down a California street in Prada and Gucci.  I actually don’t know any Real Women who do that.  The women I know look amazing just getting through their crazy days.  If any of you are brave enough out there to share with me your real style, your real moments, send me a photo or description, then with your permission I’ll share it in a post.  And guess what, I’ll go first.  The image below is of me, last night.  After a full work day, followed by a workout, followed by errands and a marathon grocery shopping trip.  I left the house at 8am and returned at 8:30pm.

Yup, I look beat.   Eat your heart out, Jen.



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2 Responses to The Style of Reality

  1. Donna says:

    You still look fabulous!

  2. Molly says:

    You still look great!! Jealous that you feel the need to wear long sleeves!! HA!!

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