Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I have always been fascinated by human behavior.   I believe our actions speak volumes about our personalities and core beliefs.

Real Women are especially fascinating.  How we juggle the multiple facets of our lives, what we make time to do each day, what slows us down, what cheers us up and what frustrates us.  I’m not necessarily talking about the “big” things here, like what we do for a profession, or what our cultural beliefs are….no, today I’m focused on those little things we do every day.

There are those of us who thrive on order and organization. Everything must be in its rightful place or we feel out of sorts.  Some Real Women can’t stand to be messy, dirty, or have anything out of line.  Schedules rule our lives, we make lists, we plan every minute of the day.

Conversely, there are the Real Women who don’t mind a bit of chaos in their every day life.  Don’t force those of us who aren’t orderly into sweating the small stuff – it will only annoy us.  Messes are seen as creative outlets.  We don’t need neatly laid out piles on our desks or strict daily plans.

And of course, there are plenty of women who land somewhere in between these extremes. But what do these characteristics say about us?  Some may say the first type of woman above is a bit Anal Retentive – which could be true, but that sounds pretty harsh.  Orderly women find comfort in knowing that everything is as it should be, feel calmer and under control when their environments are tidy, and they have a schedule or list in hand.   The more “free-flowing” woman is just that – a casual, go-with-the-flow, don’t bother me with details kind of person.   Both are fun and happy, as long as they are in their preferred environment.  None of us like to be pushed into the other one’s zone.  Because then we start to try to change it to adapt.  Yes, I have been known to start cleaning other people’s kitchens.  It’s not them.  It’s me.

Think I’m being silly, and we really are all the same?  Then please join me for a little stroll through my very unscientific Real Woman Behavior Survey, and then review my equally unscientific personality assessments based on your answers.   Please feel free to share your comments.

1.You notice that a framed painting on a wall in someone’s home, or a business,  is crooked.

a.   You immediately walk over and attempt to straighten it.

b. You tell the owner or maintenance person about it; it isn’t your place to touch it.

c. You assume whoever hung it likes it that way and leave it alone.

d. There’s a picture on the wall?


2. It is approaching bed time, and you have dirty dishes in your sink.

a. You must stop and get them cleaned up before going to bed, or you won’t be able to sleep.

b. You add it to your list of to-do’s for the morning, if you have time before going to work, and if no one else does them first.

c. You will wash what you need once you run out of clean dishes.

d.  What dirty dishes?


3.   Your work day is nearly done.  Before you leave for the day, you:

a. Reorganize your desk, re-pile the work, make notes or lists for the following day, prioritizing tasks for the morning.

b. Leave everything exactly how it is, so you can pick up wherever you are leaving off.

c. Hope a strong wind will blow through and leave you with a clean desk in the morning.

d.  Wait… there is a desk under there??


4.  You notice a damp towel on the bathroom floor.  You:

a.  Pick it up, hang it, and in the process notice how dirty the bathroom is and immediately start cleaning it.

b.  Grab the towel and toss it in the vague direction of the laundry machine to deal with later.

c.  Yell at whoever dropped it there because surely it wasn’t you.  Then hope they take care of it before mold forms.

d.  Think “gee, I didn’t know we had purple towels.”


5.  You have a laundry basket full of clean laundry.  You:

a.  Fold it, hang it, make sure it is all put away immediately.

b.  Leave it for attention another time, and dig through to pull out what you need throughout the week.

c.  Consider just leaving it all in the basket – after all, it will only end up back in the hamper eventually.

d.  Perform the sniff test, as you’ve lost track of what is clean or dirty.


6.  You pour a glass of milk, and there is only a little bit left in the bottom of the container.  You:

a.  Finish the milk, rinse out the container and put it directly into the recyclables bin.

b.  Put it back in the fridge, thinking you may have need for just a tablespoon of milk at some point.

c.  You dump out or drink the last bit, then leave the container in the sink or on the counter to deal with later.

d.  You either drink the last of the milk directly from the container then place it, empty, back in the fridge, OR you leave the last bit of milk in the container, on the counter until it goes bad.


See any trends?  Ok, let’s see…  if you scored:

Mostly A’s:  Welcome to my world. Perhaps we should start our own support group.

Mostly B’s:  Congratulations. You are well-rounded, care about your surroundings, but don’t stress over the small stuff.

Mostly C’s:  You are spontaneous and carefree. I don’t think I’d want to live with you, but you’d be the perfect BFF to have on vacation.

Mostly D’s:  You are a man.


Thank you for playing.  Now if you’ll pardon me, I have to go put away the dog toys and make a list for tomorrow.


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