When Time and Distance Don’t Matter

My husband gave me an awesome early Christmas present this weekend. He surprised me by flying my sister out for a visit.  She lives 1,680 miles away and we hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half. Sure, we’ve kept in touch via phone, email, text, and Facebook, but the last time we were together in person was far too long ago.

She and I didn’t do anything unusual or “special” this weekend.  We didn’t go on any big adventures, I didn’t take her out to the theater or even out for dinner.  We did the usual weekend things like errands, holiday shopping, getting hair and nails done, and cooked in.  But just by being together, those everyday activities were really special and fun.

What struck me the most is how with certain people in our lives, there is no “lag time” when you first get together after a fairly lengthy separation.  There is no awkwardness, no searching for topics, no reacquainting.  With sisters and some very close friends, it doesn’t matter how long it has been, or how far apart you’ve lived, the “click” is immediate.

My sister arrived shortly after midnight, so we stayed up only about an hour after she arrived — but it took me another hour to fall asleep because I was so excited and shocked to have her in my house.  The next morning right away were hanging out on my bed in our jammies talking and laughing, as if we’d done that on a regular basis.  We made only loose plans for the weekend, some errands and shopping we were hoping to get done, but otherwise the only “had to do” on our list was spend three days together.

With sisters, there is a comfort level and personal connection with pretty much any topic. We talked about friends and family, our life challenges, our frustration over age and how our bodies were changing, and about dreams and goals for the next few months and years.  We shared a dressing room while trying on clothes at my favorite store so we could easily critique each other’s choices. We gave each other razzing over our quirks that others don’t necessarily notice — like I make piles and “scurry”, she hates carrots, loves home decor magazines and thrives on organizing.  We smiled over the number of times people would comment that we look alike or sound alike.

I realized that too easily we can take personal connections too much for granted.  How incredible is it that with certain special people in our lives, we can pick up right where we left off, or even make a stronger bond each time we are together?  It doesn’t really matter if we are living very different lives, have different professions or interests — that link is still incredibly strong.  How amazing to have that “click” happen and just be happy and enjoy each other and understand each other, no matter the time or distance between us.

Don’t get me wrong, dropping her off at the airport this evening was no fun.  But as I said to her as we parted, this weekend was just something to tied us over, and get a “fix”,  until the next time we can be together for a longer visit.  (We have great plans and ideas for our next get together — because, after all, when together all of our ideas are brilliant!)

As the holidays approach, and many of us get together with friends and loved ones, we need to remember to slow down from the hectic pace that can surround this season and enjoy those special people.

Let time and distance fall away, and appreciate the “click.”




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