The Simple Joys of Reality

chocOne of my out of town BFFs visited this weekend.  I used to feel that I had to plan ahead and arrange some special activities when my friends visited.   After all, plenty of exciting images come to mind when girlfriends get together, just like when the tabloid newspapers report of the wild and wacky antics of the rich and famous out on the town.  However, the reality of a couple of middle-aged Real Women getting together last minute is far different.

Upon her arrival, I made dinner at home, and we celebrated by having a “screw-the-diet” dessert of chocolate martini’s and brownies.  We started our day on Saturday by getting pedicures. We felt pampered.  Then we spent the rest of the day just roaming around various Retail Centers. We did not shop at any high-end boutiques.  As a matter of fact, we actually bought very little. The day was more about just having time together.  We bargain-hunted some, and treated ourselves to some fun inexpensive costume jewelry.  No swanky Rodeo Drive million dollar expenditures for us.

We met up with another friend and sat at a café table on the sidewalk in the sun and had frozen yogurt.  We felt decadent. Not just because of the sugar and calories we were ingesting, but because for that brief snapshot in time, we weren’t rushing, we weren’t taking care of anyone else, we were just being. And enjoying.

Then it was Saturday night. Time to dress up, go out on the town, maybe to a bar, a club, a show – right?  Not quite…. instead, we had a nice dinner at a local family-owned restaurant with my husband and son. Then we came home, changed into comfy clothes and ended up staying up late and watching Pretty Woman for the 108th time.  This is our reality. And we loved every relaxing minute of it.

Sunday morning, I took the excuse of my friend being in town to have a rare slow-paced lounging at home morning.  While we were hanging out browsing Pinterest and discussing decorating ideas,  a nice couple (customers of my husband) stopped by.  Although my BFF looked great, I on the other hand was unshowered, no make-up, still in my jammies and the house was only marginally clean.  My first reaction was one of embarrassment.  Yet the couple seemed not at all shocked or offended.  Then the woman told me she follows my blog, enjoys reading my posts, and complimented by writing. Hearing this kind of support from someone I had previously not met was what I expect is the equivalent to an aspiring chef being told her meal is delicious, or a young model being told she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  It was an unexpected gift that made me feel wonderful.   And it helped me laugh off the state I was in while meeting them.  I decided it was like having a wildlife sighting – seeing the real woman in her natural habitat. This is our reality.

As my BFF headed home, I turned to face my chores and responsibilities that I had happily put off for the past 36 hours.  Funny thing, I didn’t mind doing them.  Because I was once again reminded that this is my reality.  And it quite simply can be pretty darn awesome.










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