Perfect Days

awardsWhen was the last time you had a perfect day?

Maybe I should clarify what I mean by “perfect.”

I’m not talking about magically waking up looking like Jennifer Aniston or Sophia Vergara, being ideally healthy and fit, having no responsibilities or cares in the world, waltzing through a day without any mistakes or errors, and winning the lottery.  Nope, not that kind of perfect.  Because as much as we may dream of it, days like that are just not going to happen.  We are real women and this is reality.

And reality can be challenging, leading us to feel stressed and tired.  So the Perfect Days that I am referring to are those that instead make us feel great and invigorate us. The kind of day you enjoy so much you wish time would slow down so you can savor every moment, and when you climb into bed at the end, you think “what an awesome day.”

We all have our own ideas of what would constitute a perfect day.  And our concept of a flawless day shifts and changes based on our moods, our needs and cravings, our location and even our age.  Certainly when I picture a perfect day in my head now it looks a whole lot different than it did when I was in my teens or 20’s.

Take a moment right now to stop and think about what a perfect day would look like for you today.  Go ahead, take a moment and imagine it.  I’ll wait here….



ahhhhh, pretty nice, isn’t it?

I think there are dozens of “categories” of impeccable days in our minds.

The easy ones are vacation days.  They could involve an outing or adventure with the family, or they could simply be lounging on a tropical beach with a girlfriend, being served fruity drinks by handsome cabana boys. (Ok, so some perfect days are more feasible than others…)

Then there are romantic perfect days with our spouse, boyfriend or partner.

Or perfect days being alone.

Active perfect days.

Lazy perfect days..

Perfect days far away.

Perfect days at home.

Perfect days with our children.

Perfect days without them.

Some folks can even have perfect days at work.  Imagine that.

I think for the most part, especially for us real women, the key ingredients to an amazing day are when we actually get a chance to slow down, to stop racing at 110 mph, and take a break from our lengthy list of must-do’s.

And if that is really the case, then it shouldn’t be that hard to conjure up a few perfect days here and there.

I had one this weekend. My Saturday started with a peaceful morning walk with my dog in crystal clear cool and sunny early Fall weather.  The rest of the day was spent with my BFF’s.  We roamed around an outdoor arts & crafts fair, did some shopping in a pretty country town, and just enjoyed being girlfriends and doing girlie things.  We finished up the day having dinner together and laughing a lot, and venting about the ravages of middle age and how our families put the “fun” in dysfunction.   That evening one of my BFF’s, who was in from out of town, stayed over at my house and we got in our jammies and watched a goofy movie with my husband.

That’s it.  Simple.  No wild and crazy adventures, no big night out on the town, no  unusual activities or fancy galas.  It was, however, one of those days that I felt happy to be alive, happy to have such good friends, to feel relaxed and have fun.  I wanted time to slow down so we could enjoy our time together even longer, and when I went to bed that night, I thought “this was a fantastic day.”

In my book, that means it was Perfect.

I completely believe we have Perfect Days to help us get through the ones that are not-so-perfect.  We can get through the ugly days, the tough days, and even the horrific days because we know that at some point, we’ll be granted another one that is awesome.   We will cling to it, we will revel in it, and it will be the kind of day we’ll remember years later.






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