Great Achievements

woman on mtnOur greatness is often measured by our accomplishments. It starts when we are young as we are recognized for achievements like bringing home good grades, being a star athlete on the school team and winning a trophy, doing good deeds or volunteering to help those in need, and earning scholarships.

Later in life, we list our accomplishments like badges of honor on our resumes, hoping it will put us a few steps ahead of our competitors in the job market.  Some of us aim ever higher taking on such lofty life events as climbing mountains, becoming CEO, losing 100 pounds, or earning advanced degrees.  Certainly the rich and famous are all about their triumphs, usually measured by box office gross numbers and Emmy and Oscar statues.

Successes and unusual endeavors are to be applauded and honored.  Going above and beyond can be a remarkable undertaking that deserves acclaim.

Yet I wonder… do we sometimes set ourselves up for feelings of inadequacy when we don’t do anything quite as incredible as others?  If we aren’t tackling Mount McKinley, being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, writing a best-selling novel or starring in a blockbuster movie, do we feel some how inferior?

More to the point, why aren’t we doing more to congratulate ourselves on regular, real life accomplishments?  We spend so much time pushing to do more and be more that we don’t stop often enough to say “damn, I’m good.”  Or “yay me.”   We focus on our list of to-do’s far more than being proud of the “got done’s.”   Part of being Real Women means that we do incredible things every day – but we don’t think of ourselves as necessarily that amazing.

Did you spend time this weekend taking your child to various sports activities and cheer them on?   Bravo.

Did you pay your bills, buy groceries and get 8 loads of laundry done?  Good for you.

Have you put in a full day of work yet still been home in time to spend time with your family and put a meal on the table?  Amazing.

You fit in time to volunteer at church, a charity, or help someone in need?  Incredible.

You didn’t run a marathon, but you got to the gym three times this week and walked the dog?  You rock.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?  I’d like to start a movement where we Real Women praise each other for at least one great accomplishment each day.  Rather than laying in bed at the end of a long day reviewing all the things we didn’t get done, or feeling inadequate over not achieving more lofty goals, how about we give ourselves a pat on the back for everything we DID do?   Even better, how about you give yourself some sort of treat, or reward, for your accomplishments?  How about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time with a magazine?  Or a bubble bath?  Or, yes, even a bowl of ice cream. On some days that could beat the dickens out of any ol’ Oscar award.

Today I am going to be happy and proud of myself for getting the house cleaned, for helping out a family member, for getting the dog bathed, and making a yummy dinner – and getting it all done before midnight.  And my rewards are two-fold: a little time in my cozy pink office to do some writing, then I’m going to go put my feet up (literally!), grab a blanket and watch some tv with my hubby and son.

Is any of this something I’ll add to my resume or put up on a display shelf?  No.  But right now, it feels just as awesome.



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