Just in Case Unmentionables

bra We all have them. And yet, if asked why, we can’t really come up with a good answer or reason.

No matter whether we R.W.’s keep our brassieres in a drawer, a closet, a box, or just in a heap, we all have the same categories.  First there are the “good” bras.  These are our go-to friends, the ones we wear every day.  They fit well, give us the right amount of support, look great under our clothes and are fairly cute.  We may only have two or three of these, but we’ll wear them over and over again.

The next category is for the “special” bras.  These are the items purchased predominantly for their looks.  Sexy or adorable, we purchased these simply because we thought they were fun, or we had a special occasion for wearing them.  These are rarely worn.  They lay there looking pretty, to be admired but passed over.  When they are worn, it is for a short period of time because they are likely the most uncomfortable bras we own.

Next in line are the uglies but comfies.  These are the ones that give us little support, are not at all attractive, but are comfortable and let us breathe and relax.  We grab one of these at the end of the day when going braless is not an option, but we are tired of being constricted.  The uglies are worn under sweats, when cleaning the house, or if we have to have something on before running out to the store.

Now we come to the fourth and final category for which we have no reason.  The “because”, the “just in case”, and the “back up” bras.  We never wear these.  They don’t fit well, or the style is weird, or the color is odd, or they are really really old. We hate them. And yet, for no reason at all, we keep them.  By having them, we are prepared in the highly unlikely occasion when we have literally no other option.  “Just in case” all of our other bras are in the wash, or lost, or stolen.  Which, of course, is completely silly. We have all had that moment when rather than resort to a Category 4, we will sort through the laundry pile to find a Category 1 and re-wear it. After all, unless it is mid-summer, we’ve just exercised heavily, done hours of gardening, or we are going through menopause, bras don’t get that dirty or sweaty.

So our crowded bra drawer has valuable real estate taken up by the “back ups” for no reason whatsoever.  And guess what?  They aren’t alone. Because in the next drawer down, we have virtually the same situation with our panties.  We have our daily favorites, we have the special occasion items (this includes thongs which we only wear out of desperation under clothing that shows panty lines), and we have the once-a-monthers, otherwise known as “granny panties” – big, ugly, and saved for that miserable week so we don’t risk ruining our Category 1 or 2’s.  And yup, you guessed it, there are the Category 4’s.  They don’t fit. They are tattered. They are faded and thin.  We will never wear them.  Yet sure enough, there they are.  Happily nestled in the back corner, passed over every time, living the life of luxury and reminiscing about when they too were once the favorites.

The other day I began to wonder about our innate desire as Real Women to have “just in case/because” possessions.  Our mothers taught us to always be prepared.  You know, always wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident, and other rules of womanhood.  Yet I realized that the fate of stock-piling “back-ups” can ooze into other parts of the house.  I recently got brave and cleaned out a junk cabinet, and was shocked to find 15 water bottles.  There are only 3 of us in my household. Well, that’s not counting the dog, but he generally has limited need for a water bottle.  Why 15?  Once again, did I think we’d suddenly experience an emergency water bottle shortage?   “Oh, DARN, I want to go on a bike ride but I seem to have lost all my water bottles!”.   Really??

Proudly, I cleaned them out. I recycled or tossed…well, a few.  I did keep 7 or 8.  One can never be too careful.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be the encouragement I need to face my under garment drawers next.  After all, it really would be nice to be able to open and close them easily without having a wise guy “because” trying to sneak out and jam things.  Or to be able to put away my Category 1’s without crushing them.

So what do you say, R.W.’s?  How about we all get brave and start by each discarding ONE Category 4 item?  After all, we really have nothing to fear.  We all have at least 3 more “back ups”….. you know, just in case.





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