If You Give A…..

Moose muffin

Yesterday I said to my husband “I’m have a Moose a Muffin day.”  He said “you’re what??” After explaining what I meant, I thought it may be appropriate to re-post this item I first posted in the spring of last year.  I’m sure many of you R.W.’s can still relate.  Then go enjoy a muffin. 

Anyone with a child in their life is familiar with the “If You Give A Moose A Muffin” book series.  While children find them funny, Real Women can oddly identify with these stories’ themes.  As a matter of fact, we live very similar lives as the moose, the mouse, and the pig.

To illustrate this point, I humbly present my version:  If You Give a Real Woman A Saturday:


laundryladyIf you give a Real Woman a Saturday

She’ll want to fit far too many activities into it.


So she’ll get out paper and a pen to make a To Do list.

When she’s done making her list

She will want to make some changes.


When she’s done making her changes,

She will choose one activity to start

like putting clothes away.

She will head to the bedroom.

While there, she will notice the bed sheets need to be changed.

And her drawers need to be reorganized.


While reorganizing her drawers, she will start taking out clothes

for goodwill or for a seasonal change.

Then she’ll need new storage bins and trash bags.

She will need to start a shopping list.


While searching for a piece of paper and pen,

She will walk past the bathroom, and will notice it is dirty.

So she’ll stop looking for the paper, put down her clothes, and she’ll start cleaning.

Then she’ll realize she needs more paper towels and spray cleaner.

She will need to add those items to her list.


During the cleaning, she will be interrupted by a child

Who needs a snack

Or a ride

Or help fixing something

Or is just bored.


After helping the child, the RW will go back to cleaning.

But on the way, she’ll notice her house plants are dry.

So she’ll need to get the watering can.

While filling up the watering can, she will look outside.

And she’ll realize she should take the dog for a walk.


While walking the dog, the RW will think about

Her To Do List.

And her Shopping List.

She will attempt mental tricks to remember the items

For her shopping list

Because she never found paper to write them down.

Then she will begin to recalculate her day.


After walking the dog, the RW will run into her husband

Who has a question

Or needs a snack

Or help fixing something

Or is just bored.


The RW will then get in the car to run errands.

Including buying the items she discovered she needed

And the things the child and husband have requested.

She will come back home later

And realize she forgot something.


She will then need to start the laundry

Or dinner

Or return a call

Or ….


At the end of the day, she will head to the bedroom.

And the RW will find the clothes that still need to be put away.

She will look at the clock and gauge how much her back hurts.

She will then stack the clothes next to the bureau.

And will go look for her To Do List.


And instead of crossing things off

She will add more on.

And wish she had another Saturday.




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1 Response to If You Give A…..

  1. MaryLynn says:

    I didn’t realize you knew me so well!!!! You write about a typical weekend or day in my house!!!

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