Fit to Print?


Ugh. Really with this?

I’m a smorgasbord kind of girl when it comes to news. I watch some local tv news each morning, then catch a few minutes of the Today Show. I listen to the radio on the way to work, and throughout the day like many others I get bits and pieces of “news” from a variety of online sources – via push notifications, apps, websites, social media, you name it, there are about a gazillion ways to get daily information.

Some of the news is national and fairly reliable, from places like CNN, the networks or BBC. Local news is generated from our local affiliated stations, blogs and word of mouth. Then there’s entertainment news and goofy stuff.

From time to time I will browse the highlights of “news” from sources like Yahoo. It is just like reading the headlines on tabloids while waiting in line at the grocery store, but electronic. And, just like I rarely pick up and actually open a National Inquirer, I rarely will click into a Yahoo headline to read the article. Scrolling through is enough. And why do I enjoy this? Because if I have to hear one more story about Hillz or Trump, I will puke. At least these sources are sharing something different.

Today as I scrolled through, I saw the following important news items, all with variable legitimacy:

  • Prince William and Kate are planning a 3rd baby for Christmas
  • Will the Big Bang Theory continue past season 10?
  • Are Keith Urban and Nicole calling it quits?
  • Husband Puts Whiney Wife for Sale on Ebay
  • Obama Greeted Warmly in Kenya
  • Forbes’ Releases list of Highest Paid Models

As I meandered my way through the list, wondering who out there really cares about Miss Michigan’s jumpsuit, I was reminded of why I started this Real Women blog four years ago (wow, really? Four years?).   I was standing in front of a rack of women’s magazines, looking for something to browse while traveling. I could find nothing that interested me, nor anything I could identify with. And they all looked and sounded the same. The women on the covers were all flawlessly beautiful. The articles promised things like “Get a flat tummy in 3 days with these 4 simple exercises”, or “Mind-blowing sex secrets revealed”, or “Find these amazing designer shoes for only $300.”   Then there was my favorite: a great way to feel woefully inadequate by reading about some woman who gave up her six-figure income to clime Mount Kilimanjaro. At the time I remember wondering “where are the stories for us real women? Where are the articles that we can really relate to, and that will make us feel better about ourselves?”

So I took pen to paper, or rather keyboard to blog, with a desire to share real, normal, we-aren’t-perfect-but-we-rock stories. Since then, nothing has really changed in the world of women’s magazines and entertainment news. All of those useless articles are there, as are the perfect women on the covers, and we still see headlines about people or activities that truly have no effect on our lives.

In that spirit, and in thinking about the Yahoo headlines, I present a few headlines of our own:

  • The Joys of a Vasectomy
  • Wife Wants to Put Hubby Out by the Curb, But No One Will Pick Him Up
  • Woman is Warmly Welcomed at The Grocery Store
  • Making Friends with Your Muffin Top
  • $5 Flip Flops – Who Cares if they Fall Apart in One Season?
  • Balancing the Checkbook: Deciding Between Paying for Electricity or Getting the Car Fixed
  • Throwing Together Dinner with 5 Ingredients in Less than 30 Minutes
  • Three Outfits Under $50 That Will Hide Your Back Fat

I have to believe that if I saw these headlines, I’d click to read the article, or pick up the magazine to take home, or turn up the volume on the TV. So much content, such little time.

Perhaps some day, if I win that elusive lottery, I’ll publish that magazine for all of us Real Women. In the meantime, keep scrolling what’s out there. I’ll be here when you need to share a dose of reality.






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2 Responses to Fit to Print?

  1. Me says:

    Perfect! I agree. The magazines are not our friends. I’d appreciate a little reality in my reading…something I can relate to and feel good about. How about an article entitled “Your Neighbor’s Kids Are Struggling Too” or “Five Quick Ways to Get Your Car Back Into the Garage”?

  2. Real Women says:

    Love your suggested articles! Contributing editor!!

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