Energy, Aisle 5

Thank you for shopping face downWe call it Doing Rounds. When my BFF neighbor or I head out to run errands on a weekend, we’ll check in with each other to see if we can save the other one a trip somewhere.  Because we R.W.’s do too much running around.  No matter how well we plan ahead, there always seems to be something that needs to be done or bought or dropped off or cared for. For the majority of us who work weekdays, all that running ends up getting wedged into a weekend.  Those on alternative work schedules have to fit it in whenever possible during off hours.

Our “days off” turn into “doing rounds” days.  Even with our best laid plans to have down time doing fun activities, that other stuff sneaks in.  There will invariably be a need to schlep a child or two somewhere, stop to visit an ailing relative, get to the bank, have a hair or medical appointment, or visit any of our most common homes-away-from-home: the pharmacy, the grocery store, a Target or Walmart, or a Costco or BJ’s Wholesale.   There’s no escaping it, rounds happen.

As I have, over time, accepted this fate, I have begun to dream of a Fantasy World where all of that doing and running could be fun and reap rewards.  Just imagine how much we R.W.’s would welcome Doing Rounds Days if they included moments of “yay me”.   Deliver your son or daughter to a sporting event or music rehearsal five minutes early, receive a cupcake.  Fit in an ATM run, a hair cut, and getting the dog to the groomer within 90 minutes, pick out a free new pair of shoes. Master a trip with your children to buy school clothes and soccer cleats with no arguments or tears, be handed a bouquet of flowers. Battle the crowds at the grocery store and Target and return home with everything on your list, receive a massage and glass of wine.

See where I’m going with this?  But wait, there’s more.  What if the stores really had what we really need?  Not just band-aids, coffee, sink mats or whatever else is on our quest, but the items we wish we could put on our lists:

Extra energy, Aisle 5.

More hours in the day, Aisle 1.

Laundry done, folded and put away, Aisle 2.

Immediate loss of 10 pounds, Visit the end cap near the bakery.

Instant make-over,  Aisle 7.  (Remember the old days of “Glamour Photos?”  How cool would it be to go to the store in our usual sweats and no make up and come out looking amazing with no effort?)

Clean house,  Aisles 12 & 13.

Hot Flash Cool Down, Aisle 15.

Stress and Worry Reduction, Swing by the Service Counter.

If this store existed, every R.W. would be there weekly. But unlike our usual weekly stops, we all would be relaxed and happy to be there. Heck, we’d even look forward to it.  We already have cars that park themselves, computers that fit in our purse, and a box that heats our food.  Could our fantasy concept store and ERS (errands reward system) be that far behind?  I know I’ll be first in line when it happens.

By the way, you’ll notice that my fantasy world is not devoid of errands and “doing rounds”…. as if they could ever go away.  I’m not that silly and unrealistic.


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