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Proceed with Caution

Over the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to travel through some rural areas, for both personal and professional reasons. Truth be told, when time allows, I prefer driving through the country vs. city and highway drives. Certainly, hopping … Continue reading

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Surviving Away Time

We Real Women often talk about and dream about escaping from reality. Getting away, have time to ourselves. To take some time to stop caring for everyone else, and give ourselves a little time out. Books have been written extolling … Continue reading

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Windshield Time

An estimated 34 million Americans will be travelling this Labor Day weekend.  This year, we are among them.  Which means there will be at least three guarantees:  my husband will curse at traffic, we will have a great round of … Continue reading

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The Road Not So Easily Traveled

I used to travel for work much more than I do now.  I was never one of those rarely-home-always-on-the-road kind of travelers, but I have put in my share of miles in the past.   I can’t say as I really … Continue reading

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Road Trips

“Why aren’t we flying?  Because getting there is half the fun.”  – Clark Griswald   We Real Women, with our real families, spend a whole lot of time in our cars.  There is commuting back and forth to work, there … Continue reading

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