One Thing

I was reading an article today in a health magazine.  It was the feature article about the young celebrity du jour.  She is what I call an SHH = Super Healthy Human.  She and her loving hubby have both become vegans.  They grow their own perfect vegetables on their estate. She uses only natural makeup.  She cleans her house (come on, does she really clean her own home?!) with a natural mix of vinegar and water only.  She does daily pilates and meditation.  She does it all, to healthy perfection.

Articles like that only serve to make me feel insufficient.  They make me feel like I should be guilty because I ate pizza this week, that I use store-bought household cleaners, that I missed a night of working out, and that I – gasp – put chemicals on my skin.  

And I thought why can’t we each be proud of ourselves when we make just ONE beneficial change in our lives?  Why do we have to read about these SHH’s, whose lifestyles and habits most of us will never come close to matching?  Why can’t we read about, and celebrate, the woman who had a fast-food burger on Tuesday, but gave up soda, regularly recycles, and lost two pounds last week?

Well, guess what.  HERE is where we, real women, can do that!   Please share ONE healthy change you have made recently, and we will stand up and cheer, telling you how awesome you truly are.

I’ll start…

  • I exercise a minimum of an hour a day, but shoot for more.
  • I have tried to get my family to eat more whole wheat/whole grains. This has not been completely successful.  Do I get points for trying?
  • I gave up Oreos for Lent. Does that count?

Yay Me!

Ok, your turn!

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3 Responses to One Thing

  1. Maria Russo-Appel says:

    My one healthy change is that i take some time to lay down and rest on weekends between a thousand chores…..leisure…a lost but necessary stress buster

  2. Real Women says:

    YAY you! Leisure is a lost art. Good for you for carving out even a brief slot of time for it.

  3. Karen Matlock says:

    I made a change to my exercise routine about 6 months ago by adding spinning and weight training. I highly recommend spinning especially as a great stress reliever. You can teach an old dog new tricks(sometimes)! 🙂

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