The Joys of Aging

“Age becomes reality when you hear someone refer to ‘that attractive young woman standing next to the woman in the green dress,’ and you find that you’re the one in the green dress.”  — Lois Wyse

With my impending birthday, I thought this was an appropriate topic for today’s post. 

It just happens.  One day you are driving down the road, or typing on the keyboard, you glance down and realize… you have your mother’s hands.

Recently I was treating myself to a manicure.  And as the nice young woman was attempting to create something beautiful out of my abused nails, I looked down at my hands under the bright light and thought “OMG, are those age spots?!?”

Little moments like this are happening more and more.  My BFF’s and I text each other when we’ve noticed in the rear view mirror on the way to work that we suddenly have found a new wrinkle that we swear was not there yesterday.  Or after spending a Sunday afternoon fitting in a workout, followed by 3 hours of house cleaning, my back and knees are screaming at me.  Or that 5- 10- 25- 50- extra pounds we may be carrying just won’t come off as easily as they used to by simply upping the exercise and decreasing the fat intake.  Worse, we have cute names for our ugly parts, like “muffin tops”, “arm flaps” and “eye baggage.”   And don’t get me started on the effects of gravity.  I do believe that literally everything on my body is either pointing south, or as moved south by at least 2 inches.

Yes, aging is inevitable.  And somehow, it becomes easier and easier to see after the age of 45. No matter how well we take care of ourselves, watch what we eat, stay active, exercise, avoid harmful sun rays… it is going to happen. And either we accept it graciously, or we go down kicking and screaming.

I can honestly say I am one of the latter.  I have always had a rather warped fear of aging.  And although I don’t believe I’ll ever succumb to treatments like botox, liposuction or lifts (frankly, I’m just too scared of them), the thought of spending time in some sort of high-tech cryogenic chamber to delay old age is appealing.

I have an enormous respect and admiration for women who embrace their age, who say that each milestone is better than the last… because you know what?  Those women have a natural beauty and confidence that is inspiring.  Maybe I’ll get there….. I can at least say that I’ll try.  I can honestly say that there are parts of my youth that I in no way would want to re-live.  But to have my 30-something body back?  Now THAT would be nifty.  Since that can’t happen, I somehow need to learn to love my older self, and look forward to the second half of my life.

Perhaps I can somehow spiritually channel Betty White into my psyche….. because lord knows, THAT woman has somehow figured it all out.  She rocks.


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