The Tricks We Play on Ourselves

“Mirrors lie. You are much better looking than that in 3-D.” — Merrill Markoe

I stated in my very first post, and have referenced again since, that I truly believe that Real Women have a very real beauty.  We don’t need to be photo-shopped, airbrushed or enhanced.  We are who we are.

That said…. We all have certain “tricks” we do to feel good about ourselves.  And I don’t think that is a bad thing – I wouldn’t even necessarily call it vanity.   If we can take small steps to boost our egos and help ourselves feel confident and beautiful, then why not?  Now, I’m not talking here about what I consider more drastic “tricks” like plastic surgery.  I tend to think we should all just work with what God gave us.  More power to you if you have gone down the road of collagen injections or liposuction or nose jobs.  That’s just not for me.

What I’m talking about are the daily little things we do.  Most of these “tricks” we do in private, our own little secrets.  Well, guess what, I’m going to fess up to a couple here.  Because when I stop and think about them with an objective eye, they make me laugh.  And maybe a few of you will be brave enough to share your tricks too!

  1. When I weigh myself (which is not often) I only do it in the morning. Because the number is always a bit lower than if I wait until the end of the day.
  2. I don’t mind seeing myself naked in the mirror – as long as the light is dim, or I don’t have my contacts in – it all looks much better a bit fuzzy. And guess what?  I suck my stomach in.  I’m the only one looking, and I STILL suck it in!!
  3. I use self-tanning lotion on my legs.  Not just because I like the look of a hint of tan, but because I believe it tones down the spider veins I hate with a passion.
  4. I get my hair highlighted.  I have highlighted my hair for so many years, I’m really not sure how dark it would be if I let it go completely natural.  I was born a blond, and I’ve wanted to stay that way.
  5. I wear at least some makeup virtually every day.  Since I have a pale complexion, if I go without makeup,  I can guarantee that someone will ask me if I’m exhausted or sick.  I have a couple of BFF’s who wear little to no makeup and I’m jealous of how good they look without it. (You know who you are).  But for me, a little concealer, blush and mascara is never far away. Just ask my girlfriend who caught me wearing it during a camping trip.

Photoshop? Nope.  But a couple tricks of the trade?  You betcha.


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2 Responses to The Tricks We Play on Ourselves

  1. Marylynn says:

    No need for the tricks – you are beautiful inside and out.

  2. 1centforthoughts says:

    Oh, I’m with you sister. The scale? Only comes out first thing in the morning. I’m on it buck naked before taking the first sip of coffee. And when does it come out? On “Weigh-In Wednesdays” – the official and only day it sees sunlight. The trick I play on myself is that it’s the middle of the week and I figure the indulgences of the weekend have been worked off.

    Stomach sucking .. check. Self-tanning … check. Highlights … check (I was devastated the day my hairdresser she wouldn’t perm AND color my hair and that I had to pick one – blonde won). And make-up – well, I think you know that mascara and lip stick are my best friends.

    So here’s 2 tricks I play on myself.

    First – hairspray. I use it EVERY day – it’s the only way I can trick the world into thinking that my hair actually has body (remember I chose color over curl). I once did a 3 hour hike in the rain and can still remember the taste of the spray as it did the slow slide down my face. I should have known I was in trouble when my upper and lower eyelashes started sticking together. The amount of aerosol I have used in my lifetime is just inexcusable. I know I am fully responsibility for the warm winter we just had. Thank goodness for “Frozen Planet” – it helps appease my guilt.

    Lastly, I have my own form of Photoshop and photo enhancement – I call it “Delete, Discard and Dispose.” I will do whatever it takes to get rid of pictures of me that I don’t like. I find it’s a perfect way to manage those less than flattering images taken for posterity, especially when there is a glitch in performing one of our Real Women tricks.

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