Perfect Example

I got my son off to school, went and worked a 9-hour day (oh, wait, 8.5, I ran to the bank at lunch time), went for a workout right after work, then picked up a pizza for dinner. (Yes, I recognize the irony of working out then eating pizza… however tonight I have a lot to do and it was the quicker and easier option.)  As we are sitting down to eat, I see the mail has brought me two of my magazines — one of my favorite cooking publications, and a “health”-related publication.  On the cover of the magazine is of course a flawlessly beautiful young blonde.  Even my husband, who is wonderfully supportive of my blog said, “and look, another magazine with a perfect fake woman on it.”  The headline next to her photo, with an arrow pointing to her abdomen, encouraged readers to find out her tricks for getting a perfectly flat belly.

So as I ate my unhealthy pizza, I flip to the feature article.  Sure enough, this woman is a “model turned actress.”  She is 25.  She is exhausted by her two careers.  She is married to a tennis pro.  The inside spread photo HAD to be altered, because I’ve never seen a real live human who’s ass is smaller than her waist.  And some of her helpful tips about how she stays fit on the road included such things as hiring a pilates instructor for a private lesson with friends, and hiking with fellow cast mates while on location in…. HAWAII.

I ask you, how are ANY of us supposed to identify with this?  What is the point to the article?   There is no chance that I, or really any of the REAL women I know, could have the lifestyle, age, and body shape this woman has.  Are we supposed to pull out small nuggets of helpful information that we can apply to our lives?  Ok, so like I didn’t already know that I should eat vegetables and stay active, and have a positive outlook on life?

I’d love to stay online and keep chatting about how fabulous this young woman is, and how she should be our idol and mentor.  But I’ve got bills to pay, laundry to do, school work to review…..and, oh yes, I need to go cancel a certain magazine subscription.

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2 Responses to Perfect Example

  1. Rea says:

    I do not subscribe to any magazines any more that are “beauty” or “healthy” magazines. I find that the women in the magazines are plastic and fake, not someone that i wish to model myself or my teenage nieces after. I will not encourage them to view these magazines, I will take time to remind them how beautiful they are, no matter what shape or size they may be. These girls are at a fragile period in their lives and I do not wish to contribute to any of the insecurity these magazines provide for them. Perhaps if we all cancel our subscriptions and do not purchase their magazines, this might send a message to them…cancel the magazine Marj, you don’t need to learn how to keep your belly flat, you and all of us are perfect just the way we are! Thanks for providing me a venue to vent tonight!

  2. crazyladyforever says:

    Absolutely love the blog. You are excellent at writing and conveying real life with witty remarks/stories! Thank you!

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