Bargain Bling

I enjoy accessorizing.  I don’t have the knack for changing my hand bag each day to match my attire, and I don’t have a flair for scarves.  But fun jewelry?  I’m all over it.

Even more to the point, I love bargain jewelry.  Now, I do have several beautiful and valuable pieces that my husband has given me over the years, and a few that I inherited from my mother.  But for the most part, my jewelry armoire is jammed-packed with costume jewelry.  And yes, I “had” to invest in a jewelry chest, a drawer or box was no longer cutting it.

I fervently believe that you can find the coolest looks at a minimal cost.  I love shopping at fun shops like Frencesca’s or Sparkle.  I get some great finds at Dress Barn and Kohl’s, or at “jewelry parties” with Lia Sophia and Park Lane.  Honestly, I rarely spend over $30 for any jewelry piece.  And the best part is I frequently get compliments on my bling.

I have a wonderful story to tell related to this topic.

Recently, a BFF and I spent a weekend in NYC.  Just because, we felt it necessary to stroll through Sacks on 5th Avenue to see all the beautiful items at ridiculously high prices.  We had fun playing the “guess the price” game.  Who knew that simple scarf would be $800?   Because we both enjoy sparkle, we thought a browse through their fine jewelry area would be entertaining.  We were greeted by two women, whose real names I shall protect and now call Thelma and Louise.   Thelma complimented my friend’s earrings, asking if they were a certain designer’s work.  BFF admitted they were not, but kindly did not tell her they were off the multi-hook rack at Dress Barn.  We continued on, and Louise, having no better customers to wait on at the moment, assisted us with looking at some lovely silver and pearl earrings and bracelets.  We found out she once lived near our town, but she was quick to tell us that at that time, our town was “a cow pasture.”   I tried on a lovely bracelet with a price tag of approximately  $400.  My friend, knowing my bargain-hunting nature, smirk in place, encouraged me to possess it.   Since I was soon to be going on vacation with my family to Florida, I said “gee, I don’t know, get this bracelet, or go on vacation?”   To which Louise looked down her nose at me and said “hmpf, cheap vacation.”   It was painfully obvious she had not left 5th Avenue in the past 40 years and had lost all touch with reality.

Of course, for the next hour or so after departing the store, I thought of a myriad of snappy come-backs, much too late of course to use.   Instead, my BFF and I used Louise as the butt of our inside jokes and hysterical laughter until we quite literally pee’d our pants.

Then I went home and enjoyed picking out several of my beautiful bargain accessories to take with me to look amazing on vacation.

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  1. Molly J says:

    So is this the new head shot?? Thanks for the Park Lane plug!! Shop my web site at !!

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