Some days are just not pretty

I emailed a couple of BFF’s this morning to vent that it was once AGAIN rainy and dismal out, and among several other annoying issues, I was having a bad hair day, sore boobs from pms, and my dog had gotten sick in my foyer right before I headed out the door to work.

And guess what?  They were having similar days.  Both reported puking pets and bad hair, among other various frustrations.  So we decided that was the theme for the day.

Sure, these are minor issues compared to truly big problems that so many of us unfortunately have to contend with.  Every moment there is someone suffering much worse than I.  However, I think as Real Women it is ok to admit to ourselves that some days just kinda suck.   And those of us who are lucky enough to have good health, and more importantly, good family and friends we can vent to, are able to ride through these issues and move on….hoping to have a “Do Over Day” when the sun will be shining, we will look like a million bucks, and we will have no ill pets or kids.

As long as we recognize and appreciate those amazing days when they happen, it is ok to admit when we are having an ugly day.   Besides, the great thing about ugly days is the stories that we can retell later….. usually with alcohol in hand, other Real Women surrounding us, and we can all laugh until we pee.   It makes it all better and gives us the strength to face anything else that comes our way.

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