Running out

Ever feel like you are usually the one that ends up getting the last of something that has to be replaced?

Like pulling off the last square of paper towel off the roll.  Or the last tiny piece of toilet paper.  Or the last 3 sips of juice from the container in the fridge.  Or the last 3 tablespoons of cereal, which isn’t enough for a full bowl.  Or like this morning, when I came in to work, went to fill up my water bottle, and the bubbler tank was empty.

And why is it that it feels like we are ALWAYS the last ones to use these items and have to do the replacing?  Or is that just me?

Perhaps it is because, as Real Women, we don’t have a staff to go around our environments to make sure all our needs are met and our supplies are replenished.  Nope, we have well-meaning family and co-workers who hopefully aren’t really TRYING to be the next-to-last, but are probably glad when they are.

And here’s what drives me even more crazy – finding out someone in your household used the last of something but then neglected to mention it.  So for example you go to cook dinner and suddenly realize a key ingredient is gone from the shelf.  Or you have a spill to clean up and realize the paper towels are gone.

As a little girl, I dreamed of having the same powers as Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jeannie.  I thought it would be so cool to be able to cross my arms and blink and move things, or make things appear.  I actually used to practice this around the house, but with no success.  Think how handy that would be in the scenarios I have described.  Never again would you have to run down 2 flights of stairs to get a new roll of toilet paper in a rush because you need a bio break.  Never again would you run out of milk for your son’s breakfast.  BLINK and it is replenished.   But, of course, I wouldn’t want to stop there… BLINK and the ironing is done, BLINK and the dishes are clean and put away, BLINK and the piles on my desk are gone…..

Oh, my, think of the possibilities!


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