A Quick Real-Life Thought

This was one of those mornings when I was trying to fit way too much into the time I had, and I had about a million things on my mind.  Rushing around, I dropped cereal all over the floor, I forgot and left laundry in the washer so it will now sit wet all day, the garage door wouldn’t close properly, I was running late to work…. you know the drill.  Then I stepped outside and headed to work.  And it is one of those spectacularly beautiful late-spring days. Crystal clear, sunny, dry, perfect temperature. Everything is green and blooming and beautiful.  If the weather wasn’t enough of a sign, I got one more — as I was stopped at an intersection right before I turned in to work, one of the cars driving through the other way was a hearse.   And I realized that I am so happy to be alive and healthy and here today.  I am glad I can complain about spilled cereal and soggy clothes, and I am glad I have so much going on with my life and my family that I can feel this full of “stuff.”

So ladies, be happy today with your craziness.  Because it sure beats the alternative.

About Real Women

A "real woman" mom, wife, worker, friend, sister, daughter....
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