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Ok, ladies.  It is Friday. You have made it through another busy week.  So let’s have a little fun with a post that is something the men in our lives probably won’t appreciate.  Sorry, guys.

At a dinner out with a couple of girlfriends, we got to talking about a topic that was at the time in the news:  plural marriages, polygamy, whatever you want to call it.  And as we were each having a drink at the time, we began to discuss why these arrangements were always one man and multiple women – not the other way around.

We agreed that the thought of having multiple husbands on one hand could be truly terrifying.  But as we continued the discussion of pro’s and con’s, we realized there could certainly be some benefits, especially if we were able to choose one man from each categorical age.  Since it is easy to imagine the con’s, allow me to share the list of pro’s we developed for each age range.

  1. The 20-something.  This young man in the house would truly be only good for two things.  His energy level for a quick and emotionless booty call, and because he’d look good mowing the lawn.  Yes, he’d be the Boy Toy.  We all agreed that it would be pointless to even carry on conversations with him, as we’d have nothing in common, and he probably wouldn’t be extremely intelligent.   As a matter of fact, might as well only communicate by texting.
  2. The 30-something.  Ah, yes, this category won the most points in the benefits list.  More mature than our first category, this man most likely would have a decent job, a decent salary, and yet is young enough to still have a lot of energy, be extremely attractive, and has been around enough to understand better what women want.  He would be the one to want to do fun activities like go on a hike with a picnic, then come back to the house for wild and exciting private play time.  Then he’d still have the energy to take out the trash.
  3. The 40-something.  Mature and still attractive, this is the man to have intelligent business discussions with, and the man to take the kids to their ball games.  Just beware – this is the age that can potentially head down the road of mid-life crisis or be completely overwhelmed with career, kids, and his own hair loss.  We have enough of our own issues with life balance, we don’t need to take on their lack of coping skills.  And truly, these men need to realize that if they still have their other benefits going for them, we really don’t care about their bald spot.
  4. The 50-something is like your loyal pet dog.  He thrives on routine, and is well trained to know what chores around the house are automatically his.  Often at the peak of his career with an eye towards retirement, he is too tired and uninterested to find another woman to put up with his quirks and issues.  So he will work hard to make you happy enough to stick around and take care of him.
  5. Over 60’s – The companion. This is the man to take you to a nice restaurant, to the Opera, or to the museum. He truly appreciates your intelligence, your quick wit, and your beauty.  When adding this category man to your collection, be sure to choose the one who has done will in his professional life so he has the expendable income to buy you trinkets and allow you to travel.

Of course, in this fantasy arrangement, all of the above would be attractive friendly men with great personalities and can make you laugh – like the “samples” I’ve included in this slideshow.  But just think of it – a category to fit each need and desire you may have at the moment, and when not on duty, the rest of the guys can have their own time off to watch sports or hang out in their Man Cave.  I think it is a win-win, don’t you?

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4 Responses to Category Men

  1. Love this!!!!!!!!!!! You gals are so funnny!!!! You sure picked great guys. If George had not been in there, I would have been shocked.

  2. Rea says:

    Thanks for including some of my favorite eye candy! I just wish I wasn’t so interested in a 60 something with money to spend on me and time to travel and let me have my 30 something on the side!

  3. Anne says:

    No johnny depp or david beckham? We have to work on refining this list, and we should probably set a timeline for it, excellent concept marj!

  4. Robin Holmes says:

    I LOVE IT, although I think we would all probably want to tweak are lists a bit, for instance I might trade in RDJ for Huge Jackman….LOL. Just sayin…. 🙂

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