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What’s a Shoe to Do?

Well, that’s a bummer. This weekend I grabbed one of my favorite pairs of summer shoes and slid them on before heading out the door.  You know the kind, a little worn but still cute, comfortable, perfect size heel, goes with … Continue reading

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Speedbumps on the Convenience Highway

We all run through life in turbo drive, every day trying to do more in less time.  We live in a magical world where new conveniences pop up regularly, developed to match our speed, our lack of patience, and our … Continue reading

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When Convenience Leads to Ridiculousness

Our microwave oven at work died the other day. Before you get out your miniature violins to play me an appropriately melancholy melody, I will say that we are not completely at a loss. There is a working microwave in … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Conveniences

We are fortunate to live in a progressive world filled with talented, intelligent individuals focused on developing new systems and products to make our lives easier.  New technologies pop up with mind-boggling speed to help make us all quicker, stronger, … Continue reading

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Cutting Corners

We Real Women are busy creatures. Each day we seem to attempt to fit more and more into the same number of hours. We are the Queens of to-do lists, beating deadlines and multi-tasking.  If there is a way to … Continue reading

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