In my imagination, celebrities and women of exceptional wealth have amazing walk-in closets/wardrobe rooms that are beautifully sectioned appropriately.  One room for each season of clothing, one room just for shoes, one for accessories…..

The other morning, as I opened my crowded undergarment drawer, I wondered if “those” women had a room for their lingerie and undergarments, meticulously hung with care, sorted by color, all high-quality beautiful pieces….. or do any of them have the variety pack jammed in a drawer like THIS Real Woman?  A trip through my under-things drawer would potentially lead one to believe that either I have multiple-personality disorder, or that at least 3 different women are sharing the same closet.

Just in the world of panties, there are at least 5 categories:

  1. Every day comfortable, fairly cute or attractive, sometimes part of a matched set, but most likely just an assorted variety.
  2. The “Ooooh, I love these” – the especially cute panties from Victoria’s Secret that I just had to buy, and wear on days when I need a little ego boost.
  3. Boring beige to be worn under white.
  4. Thongs – once worn to be fun and sexy, now only worn under specific pairs of pants or skirts to avoid unsightly panty lines.
  5. The once-a-monthers – those granny-panties that are worn for a few days each month.  These are so incredibly ugly, I don’t care if they get ruined and have to be thrown away.

And, of course, there is the bra collection.  The majority of my bras are the same brand, same basic style.  They fit, are fairly comfortable, keep my over-40 body parts in approximately the right location, and have enough lining/padding to hid CWD’s. (Cold Weather Detectors).  Of course, there are a few different sizes… as we all know the correct size is a best-guess scenario, no matter how well the perky young lingerie sales associate measures you. Weight gains and losses, gravity, and even monthly changes can mean up to 3 different sizes in one drawer. These “daily” bras are in boring colors… black, tan, and pink.

Elsewhere in the drawer are a handful of “special purpose” bras.  The strapless (which NEVER fit comfortably), the convertible, the really pretty-had-to-have-them-my-man-will-love-it bras that are only comfortable to wear for about 30 minutes…. And then there are the sports bras – which again are in categories for me – the truly supportive ones that really get worn for workouts, and the really old ugly stretched out ones that are almost as comfortable as an old tshirt, perfect for under a sweatshirt at the end of the day.

And as for lingerie…..yup, I have several nice, very pretty pieces.  These are what I imagine hang in those celebrity closets.  Mine were primarily purchased back when my husband and I were dating and when we were newlyweds.  Now, if he’s lucky, he gets to see one for a special occasion.  But I keep those items, hanging, crammed into one little section of my closet, because they are pretty.

Those wealthy women can have their high-end well-appointed wardrobes.  Me, myself and I are happy with all of our undergarment options….we might just have to do some digging through a drawer to find them.

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A "real woman" mom, wife, worker, friend, sister, daughter....
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