It was my pleasure and privilege to experience great moments of joy this weekend.

First, we had a weekend away and were honored to be the guests at a wedding of some dear friends.  The ceremony was in Brooklyn, and the reception was in Manhattan.   It was wonderful to see the joy of a bridge and groom in love, and to be part of the pure joy of family and friends as we all came together to celebrate. To first share the blessings in church, then to party and dance into the night truly is joyous.

The weekend continued with the peaceful joy of a Mother’s Day breakfast with my husband and son, eating at an outside café on the Upper East Side, in absolutely perfect weather, watching people and their dogs out for morning walks.

We then experienced joy through my son’s eyes as he thrilled to the wonder and excess of Times Square – marveling at the lights, sights, and retail extravaganza as only New York City can provide.  How can you not be a bit impressed with a toy store large enough to include a working ferris wheel?

The afternoon provided yet another kind of joy for me: Broadway.  I will admit that I am an unabashedly enthusiastic fan of musical theater.  I realize it is not the same for everyone. My son seems to enjoy it very much, my husband not so much.  I love everything about it – the sets, the lights, the sounds, the costumes and of COURSE the music and dancing.  Whether you are a fan or not, you have to admit the talent and energy of Broadway actors and actresses is nothing short of amazing.  Every day, night after night, they pour it all out on stage. I’ve often wondered what if they have a bad day?  Or are tired?  Or are not feeling great?  What if one of the actresses has pms?  It doesn’t seem to matter, as they say, “the show must go on.”  And the actors make it seem like they are loving every second of it, feeling as fresh as their first night, even if they have sung and danced that same number hundreds of times.  Their job is to knock our socks off – and yes, to bring their audience joy.

Then….. after all that…. We thankfully and safely arrived back home to our lovely quiet house – and the unbridled joy of a “where have you been?”” welcome of our loving, wagging, Labrador.

Truly simple joys come from the experiences in our lives – both big and little.  And most especially, it comes from the people in our lives….be it actors on a stage, friendly strangers on the street corner, or beloved family and friends sharing their life moments with us.

It is simply our responsibility to slow down and appreciate every one of them.


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2 Responses to Joyousness

  1. Molly J says:

    What an awesome day!! ( weekend!) So what show did you see??????????????????????? Jealous, but still love you !!

  2. Real Women says:

    We saw The Newsies. High energy, and cool-boy-ish enough that Eric loved it!

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