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Adapting to The Beast

A couple of months ago, after my husband indicated a concern over my increased snoring and irregular breathing at night, I visited with a couple of doctors and took an at-home sleep test.  A couple of weeks later I was told … Continue reading

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Peace and Comfort in the Familiar

I grew up in the country. Not big-sky-Montana-3-hours-from-the-nearest-town kind of country, but in farmland country, where there are no lines on the roads and a “next door neighbor” means you can see their house through the trees and can bike … Continue reading

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It’s A System

I consider myself a fairly intelligent, modern woman.  I completed four years of college plus various professional development training courses through my adulthood.  I am pretty adept at using modern technology.  I use my computer/laptop/mac/iPad/iPhone tools every day. I manage … Continue reading

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