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They Didn’t Tell Us About This Part

We all have our expectations of each stage of our lives. We know, for example, as children, that we need to learn how to play well with others and learn right from wrong.   We know as young adults that we … Continue reading

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Cutting Corners

We Real Women are busy creatures. Each day we seem to attempt to fit more and more into the same number of hours. We are the Queens of to-do lists, beating deadlines and multi-tasking.  If there is a way to … Continue reading

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Miles of Moments

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”  – Rose Kennedy My son finished his first year in Middle School today. Tomorrow he turns 13. The next day, my husband and I will commemorate our 15th wedding anniversary.  In … Continue reading

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I remember as a child, my mother told me that the older you get, the faster time flies.  Of course, as a young girl, I thought this sounded crazy.  How could my days go any faster?  Now that I’m older, … Continue reading

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Real Time – a Warped Dimension

I always think that I will have more time on a weekend, or a day off, than I really do. Maybe that is poorly stated.  Clearly I’m aware that every day is made up of 24 hours, no matter the day … Continue reading

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