High Tech We Really Need

jane-jetsonSmarter smart phones. Robots with artificial intelligence. Jet packs. Micro chip implants. The waves of the future, perhaps, and all very impressive. But if the technological geniuses and scientists out there really wanted to impress us real women, and help us lead easier lives, they’d put their energy and funding into things we could really use. Develop inventions that really would save us time and stress. Sure, it’s great that we now have the capability to do 3D printing. But here are a few things we really could use:

  • Automate our morning routine.   Some days I just don’t want to have to take a shower, pick out something to wear, dry my hair, put on makeup…. It seems like such a chore, a waste of time. Unfortunately, I’m not the type who can pull off the roll-out-of-bed-and-look-good style. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have kind of an automated conveyor belt to push us through our routine, no effort on our part, go in one end, come out the other beautiful and ready for the day?   This is not a new concept. Just ask George Jetson.  If the idea was there in the 60’s, why hasn’t it become reality yet?
  • Help menopausal women lose weight easily. We hit a certain age, and BAM, the weight packs on, the metabolism slows down, and it seems the only truly effect way to take off the extra pounds is with a diet consisting of kale and water, and exercising for three hours each day. None of us have the willpower or time for that. There must be an easier way.
  • Make our dinner decisions for us.   How amazing it would be to come home, push a button, and three meal options pop up for us to choose from. Select one meal, the ingredients are already in stock, thawed, and cut. Even better, we then pick between: cook it myself (for those of us who enjoy cooking) or cook it for me. Tired and pressed for time? No worries, this magic machine makes the decisions and does all the work too. Lovely.
  • Clone us. No, I don’t think I’m so fabulous that there should be two of me. However, we all struggle with multi-tasking.   And so very often we are being pulled in two directions and trying to figure out how to do more than one thing at one time. A classic example is having to manage personal family management while at work. Today I needed to make calls to change a doctor’s appointment, set a new appointment with a different doctor, get a hold of my brother’s social worker, pick up a prescription, drop off a rug sample, and arrange a time for service people to come to the house for an estimate. All during work hours when I’m already busy – you know, trying to do work. How cool would it be to once in a while call on a clone of ourselves so one of us could work, the other one could take care of our personal lives. And heck, let’s have one more clone who can be sitting at the beach with a good book.

So to you smarty pants technological whizzes out there, I’ll make you a deal. Grant us just one of these innovations, and you can keep your jet packs and your laser hair removers. Plus you will have the undying gratitude of over half the population.

Win Win.




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