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It’s That Time Again

Aaaahhh, Spring has sprung. The time of year when everything gets green and starts blooming, the days get a bit longer, the temperatures warm, bunnies are hopping, and….. allergy sufferers are cursing pollen, our to do lists get even longer with … Continue reading

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The Bubble Looks Appealing

We women try hard to make the right choices with our health. We want to be strong, healthy, energetic, and live good long lives so we can some day bounce our grandchildren on our knees and enjoy retirement. So we … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope of Slothness

I’ve always been one of those R.W.’s who likes to be active. I rarely sit still for long. Like most pre-video game, pre-smart-phone little girls, I spent a whole lot of time outside playing, or going for long walks, or … Continue reading

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Real Cinderella-ing

A few days ago, I carved out a bit of “me time” and gave myself a pedicure while watching a chick flick. As all Real Women know, putting life on pause during the day to do this feels a bit … Continue reading

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Can’t Ignore the Benefits

The New York Daily News recently ran a story about Joy Johnson, the oldest woman to run the New York City Marathon.  At the age of 86, this was her 25th time running that particular Marathon.  She finished even after … Continue reading

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Exercise – A Love/Hate Relationship

If you are an athlete, a person in peak physical condition, who works out at least 2 hours every day without fail, this is not the post for you.  You have my admiration and a bit of my jealousy.  But … Continue reading

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