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Busy Signals

Busy – Adjective:  Actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime; not at leisure; otherwise engaged. Rarely do we hear Real Women say “I’m busy.”  Mostly because the term busy conjures up images of meeting deadlines at work, or … Continue reading

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Mind Map

A couple of weeks ago, the Huffington Post shared an image and brief story about how a man had asked his wife to draw, or write down, everything that was going on in her mind. I find it a little … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Routine

In our roles as Home & Family Maintenance Managers, we Real Women know how vital our morning routines are for keeping everything running like clockwork. Rise and shine to all family members by a certain time, take care of the … Continue reading

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Our Battle for Control

Real Women like to be in control. Come on ladies, it is ok to admit it. After all, this doesn’t come as a surprise to the men in our lives. Sure, there are a few of us out there who … Continue reading

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Real Time – a Warped Dimension

I always think that I will have more time on a weekend, or a day off, than I really do. Maybe that is poorly stated.  Clearly I’m aware that every day is made up of 24 hours, no matter the day … Continue reading

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It’s always something

We have all at some point used that phrase “it’s always something.”   Indeed, it is rare to have a smooth, uneventful day.  We have hopes of sailing through our days — waking up, getting our kids off to childcare or school … Continue reading

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