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Cover Story

The December issue of Women’s Health features a flawlessly beautiful Kaley Cuoco on the cover and in the celebrity article. They chose to do a feature on her because she works out a lot, and, well, she’s great. I have … Continue reading

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The Few, The Proud.. The X

Somewhere along the way, I became part of a minority group. Not by ethnicity, sex, skin color, faith or even hair color. Nope, I’m talking about those of us in Generation X. Let’s face it, fellow X’ers…. We have become … Continue reading

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A Blink and a Dream

As little girls, most of us had favorite storybook or TV and movie characters who we admired and emulated. We dreamed of being those amazing people when we grew up. The beauty of being a child with a vivid imagination … Continue reading

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And That’s The Way It Is…

I did it again. I caught myself talking to Matt Lauer. Of course he couldn’t hear me when I told him that I thought he was sounding a bit too smug and egotistical in that last interview. Just like how … Continue reading

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A New Perspective on Bliss

It doesn’t really take much to make us Real Women happy. Really, it doesn’t.   Sure, we’d all love to win the lottery, hire a butler or housekeeper, become ladies of leisure and spend our days shopping or having lunch or … Continue reading

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Screen Season

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, school is in session…. And the glow of the tv screen beckons. During the summer months, I watch virtually no television programming. Other than a snippet of the morning News, I don’t … Continue reading

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Reaching Capacity Level

There seems to be no lack of folks who are quite amped up over the current political campaigns.  Supporters of all sides, and at all levels – local, state, national – are quick to share their viewpoints via social media, … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”  — Marilyn Monroe Come on, fess up….We Real Women all have little things we do, buy, eat, or entertain ourselves with that help us through our days.  Small … Continue reading

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